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Featured Projects

Travel Photography

Travel photography, as many sub-genres of art and photography are, is largely undefined and encompasses a wide range of people, locations, cultures and ideas, including landscape photography.

Documentary Photography

Ijas's work raises questions of the documentary role of the photograph today and offers alternative ways of seeing, recording and understanding the events and situations that shape the world in which we live.

Architecture Photography

Architecture photography is all about buildings, monuments, interiors, and exteriors. Either the images are for the purposes of art, or to document the aesthetic of a structure.

Architecture surrounds us every day, and is a very popular photography subject.


Nature Photography

Nature photography covers shooting flora and fauna. This means plants, flowers, and animals, photographed in their immediate environments.

It’s challenging because of the variety of subjects and movement. But we’ve got you covered with all the nature photography tips you need.



Portrait Photography

From creative family photos to professional fashion Photography shots, discover fresh inspiration for taking perfect portraits 

Product Photography

Product images not only testify to the quality of the product, but also serve as windows into your

e-commerce store

Food Photography

Ijas is currently best known for his personal photography work & art-series in the fine-art / still-life genre, mostly working around food.

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